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Did You Know?

The Hookup

Box lunches can be obtained through The Hookup.  They will take your order and deliver to the resort or yacht, however best to place the order the night before to ensure somewhat timely delivery (2637-8284)  Also check out Jimmy T’s Provisioning and Gourmet Foods in the Marina Village offering a variety of organic imported and local food items as well as catering and private chef services- they have great home-made hummus.  

Phone 2637-8636


Mas X Menos, the local grocer, offers a home delivery service to Los Suenos and other communities along the coast.  Telephone or email orders can be placed from 9 am to 6 pm daily.  Call 800-627-9627 or 2643-3611. Auto Mercado is open in the shops at the entrance to Herradura Beach which is a well equipped grocer with a bakery section, wines and liquors and gift areas.

Durman Esquivel is the exclusive distributor of Club Car Golf Carts for both rentals and sales
Visit or call 2212-5700.  


Every Friday from 8 am to 5 pm Jaco hosts a Farmers Market selling wonderful fresh produce and along with the elusive “real butter”.  (See the ladies all the way at the end.)  Butter is mantequilla.  Also have yummy cinnamon rolls.

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